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Lover Eternal (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 2) - JR Ward


Two hundred years: that's how long Rhage must bear the curse born of his reckless inconsideration. Sex and violence are all he once pursued; now they are the only things that keep the beast within at bay. He has little hope for finding peace during this existence, until Mary Luce enters his life. Irresistibly drawn to her light, he's pulled into a struggle with his own demons as well as the real enemies who threaten the vampire world and Mary.

Rhage is a part of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Rhage is a warrior who because of his carelessness long ago has been curse for 200 years. He must carry a dragon within him that's impossible to tame...well so he thinks until he meets Mary Luce. At first meeting Mary seemed to bring out the monster within Rhage but they soon find out that Mary alone holds the power to tame his wild beast. Finding this out the only obstacle to overcome would be the one that not even the powerful brotherhood could fight. Mary has a life threatening disease...Leukemia!

Man this was a really good book! I know everyone is like "Enjoy them while you can, they loose their appeal" BUT so far I can't seem to shake these books off my mind. I know this is only the second book but I wish you could see how its almost impossible for me to put the book down! lol

Rhage is an awesome character...first off Ill admit I normally grow towards hero's with dark hair (seems more alluring) BUT how can you not love Rhage. Blond hair...muscles...huge dragon tattoo on his back and might I mention the hottest of the brothers...mmm mmm gooood! ;op Rhage is cursed with his dragon and in order to tame it he has to either have sex or fight which you can go ahead and assume when Mary gets into the picture the 'sex' part becomes a huge problem. But she tries to tell herself it doesn't matter b/c hes not hers.

Mary is one strong chick! Your heart wrenches for her from the beginning of the story. You find out her mother dies of cancer and Mary too has just found out hers has come back. Mary finds herself in the midst of the BDB with a troubled teen John and her vampire neighbor Bella. Bella senses that John is close to the change of a vampire so she need to get hi to safety to the brotherhood. Getting to the mansion fro the first time Mary wonders off and meets Rhage. From the vary beginning he is enthralled by her and her beautiful voice. After she has left the mansion he makes it his business to see to her and find out just who she is.

The love between Rhage and Mary was so special and I totally love how he knew from the start that she was special and he wanted to take care of her. I can't tell you how my heart ached when he sensed her cancer and said "oh Mary"...he knew and his heart ached...therefore so did mine :*( This was a great story of love unexpectedly found. Rhage never thought he would be able to have someone so close b/c of his fear of hurting them with his beast. And Mary never thought she would allow someone so into her heart. After watching her mother die she never wanted to put a loved one through the heartache.

One thing that did bother though, and a reason I took off some marks is that I honestly get bored reading about the lessers. Not when they fight the brotherhood, that part if exciting but when Mr. O or Mr. X are doing their duties building stuff or yelling at each other...*eye roll...I could really do without that. Not to mention nothing even came of it in this book. I understand that I guess they are building their "army" and everything that goes along with it to kick some BDB butt but honestly I try to skim those parts. Oh and not to mention one thing that ticked me off was that Bella gets captured and they don't get her back by the ending...ok...well I read the beginning of the next book and it started off with "after we got Bella back" aren't even going to elaborate. Ok...whatever!

Snib Bit~

"Would you like me to get you something to eat?" Mary asked.
He looked up for a moment stunned. "I would love it if you would feed me. Thank you."
"I wasn't sure what you'd like," she later said.
"I love it."
"You haven't tasted the-"
"You made it. That's enough."
"I would feed you now." As he spoke, his stomach let out a howl.
"That's okay. I'll get something for myself...Ah, why are you frowning like that?"
He rubbed his eyebrows, as if ironing out his expression. "Sorry. You couldn't know."
"Know what?"
"Where I come from, when a male offers to feed a female from his hand, it is a way of showing respect. Respect and...affection." He brought the plate a little closer and tore off a corner of the toast. Then he cut a perfect square out of the omelet and placed it on top. "Mary, eat from my hand. Take from me."
He leaned forward, extending his long arm. His teal eyes were hypnotic, calling her, pulling her forward, opening her mouth. As she put her lips around the food she had cooked for him, he growled in approval. And after she swallowed, he came toward her again, another piece of toast suspended between his fingertips.
"Shouldn't you have something?" she said.
"Not until you are full."
"What if I eat it all?"
"Nothing would please me more than to know you are well fed."
"Mary eat from me."

WOOWEE! See thats one thing I love about the BDB...shoot Were's, Vamps etc. they are different...I don't see MY husband doing this stuff! lol They have different ways of respecting and honoring their "females". ;op

I give this book a total of...

On to reading Challenging Carter by Kate Davies!



Nicole McLaughlin said...

Ugh, your killing me. I still haven't read this one yet. I am very soon, but in the meantime I did read 2 Jennifer Crusie books...Anyone But you..(loved), and Bet Me(loved it too.)

And I agree with you, I think that's a recurring theme in many romance novels that we women's the obsession/posessiveness/caretaking theme with the men. But it's true, these brotherhood boys take it to a whole nother level!!!

August 2, 2009 at 7:53 PM
Monroe Dawson said...

OMG I LOVED Bet Me! And Anyone But You was wonderful. And PLEASE READ THIS BOOK! Lover Eternal was great! It was so HOT...yet tender at the same time! I cant wait to read the 3rd book!

Ya I think thats on big reason I love paranormals and historicals...they are so obsession/posessiveness/caretaking like you said! *sigh

August 2, 2009 at 8:12 PM
Cecile said...

Okay... I had to skim with one eye shut!! I have not yet read this series... please don't ask me what is taking me so long!! I have no idea!!
You know I always love your reviews though!!! Even with one eye shut, lmao!!!
I hope you had a great weekend!

August 2, 2009 at 8:48 PM
~ames~ said...

I loooooove John in this series. It's the only reason I'm still reading it. Although I have taken a break. LOL

August 2, 2009 at 10:19 PM
Amy C said...

This is my favorite one of the series. Loved Rhage and Mary. Rhage is so utterly devoted to Mary!

August 3, 2009 at 4:26 AM
Mandi said...

Don't worry - at the beginning of the third, they don't have Bella back yet:) Getting her is one of my fav scenes.

Anyway, back to Rhage - I loved Rhage!!! When Mary comes running out of the house and says - I'm not ok Rhage, I'm not ok - love that scene.

The Lessers are a bit boring...they don't really have a big impact until book five or six (IMO).

I could sit here and chat BDB all day, but I will stop taking over your comment section;)

August 3, 2009 at 5:16 AM
nath said...

I loved John as well, in the beginning :) I thought Lover Eternal was good, although I preferred the first book :)

Glad that you increased the font size, it looks good :D

August 3, 2009 at 8:18 AM
Patti said...

This book was one of my favorites in the series, partly because Mary was not a "perfect" heroine; she had real issues. And Rhage loved her anyway. Book 3 is my favorite...
I too love John Matthew, he's one of my fictional boyfriends.
AND, I usually skim over the lessers too. Funny side note, right after I read this series, my daughter got a baby doll for Christmas that smells like baby powder. All I could think was - lessers? where?!

August 3, 2009 at 9:05 AM
Monroe Dawson said...

Thx I love writing them! Now hurry up and go read this book! ;op

OOOOooo so there's a lot more of John then?

Amy C-
I KNOW I love how Rhage from the beginning just took on the role of being her protector!

Oh they do?!?! Thank goodness. I was so WTH?!? lol and when she ran out of that house I squealed with delight...and then the next scene she talked about moving her stuff and selling the house I was so happy! lol

Oh I loved the first one too! There's nothing like the first in a series!

LMAO! I hope you didn't attack the doll in front your your daughter! ;o) TOO FUNNY! Cant wait to read the third book!

August 3, 2009 at 3:35 PM