Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Twi-Time Day 3

For today's post I wanted to chat about K Stewart and her fashion. I personally don't always agree with her clothes and makeup BUT I normally am fully supportive of her interesting outfits! I think she is very balls to the wall and doesn't give a shit...its great! She totally shows her versatile style from the red carpet to the streets of L.A.

Lets take a look shall we...

Lets start off simple...

Heres our girl K Stewart at the LA International one can deny that KS has an adorable figure and this outfit totally shows it off! I agree with her laid back outfit and Ive always been a fan of the leather jacket with the look for, not really but on our little rocker I think it agrees with her.

My only dont would have to be the Ive looked through KS's pix Id have to say her shoe choices are always her one downfall. For me Id either out a black flip flop...maybe strappy or black flat ballet shoes with it. Or white flats...idk these shoes are so old school...and NOT in a good way.

Alright...lets jump on over to the New Moon benefit in Knoxville, TN for a look at a more dressy KS. I SERIOUSLY enjoy tea length dresses and this particular one ROCKS MY SOCKS OFF! KS has such great legs that this type of dress really flatters her. Normally I would shy away from white on such a pale complected person BUT the fact that her hair is so dark...well lets just say it totally pops on her!

My one thing im unsure about is her hair. Im kinda on the fence about it. I think that it almost works b/c she is looking quite innocent with the sorta outfit and so the "half up w/ bang" seems to work BUT I almost wanna see it all up with bang. I feel it wouldve modernized the look more...made it more now and hip. Just a bit too safe in my eyes with the hair but overall a great look! :o)


Yes I know that obviously you cant see her outfit but I must comment on the makeup and hair!!! I am after all a girl...and quite a girly girl at that so when it comes to makeup and hair it is JUST as important.

Ok if I could choose ONE and only one stitch of makeup that I couldnt live would have to be mascara...preferably all eye makeup but mascara is so important when applying makeup! Let me tell you the one thing KS has going for her (and let me tell you she has many) is her eyes. They are the best "smoky" eyes Ive seen in a while. The way her eyes pop against her sequined top...omg girl give that makeup artist a raise!

Secondly I have to comment on her hair. I love her dark long locks and in this pic they are flowing freely across her lovely face! Dont you love how that one lock is touching right under her lips...*sigh I really love this pic!

Ok these next two pix are when you should and shouldnt use the "shirt-tie". In our first pic this shirt tie is totally rockin'. I too like to tie my shirts to the side and I must admit its due to seeing KS and thinking it looked totally cute! I think it looks perky and hip. I love the jeans and white t-shirt duo....YET the shoes (once again) just dont do it for me! UGH someone tell this girl to get different shoes!

Ok in this next pic...oh there are TOO MANY problems...I understand that shes playing Joan Jett...who doesnt love that woman and I KNOW it would be an honor to play that role BUT if they can put a short haired wig over Ashley Greenes hair they could do hers...she DIDNT have to cut it into a mullet! OMG...I WOULD DIE!

Secondly I have to talk about the shirt-tie. I personally think that this shirt is too big for it to work with. She has such a small frame an XL is just ridiculous! I actually agree with the shoes in this outfit but dont with the color of the pants...this pic just makes me want to shake me head...oh dear youve got better scene than this! This pic = trash! ...Sorry! :o/

This last outfit I really think is...workable. It just barely missed the mark.

Hair- Needs to be in a pony...FO SHO!

Suspenders- Need loosened b/c girl is getting a camel toe! lmao! But dont get me wrong b/c I actually love the suspenders esp with the gun shirt.

SHOES- Would someone put a damn pair of black pumps on this girl!?!?! UGH! The shoes shes wearing are like old people correcting shoes or something. Black pumps would ROCK!

Ok so what do yall think about K Stewarts style?!?!? Daring...or disastrous?!?!



~ames~ said...

She looks like a mess in that last picture. I had only ever seen that one from the waist up so didn't realize she was wearing capris.

I can't stop looking at Taylor in that picture though. hahaha

November 18, 2009 at 9:22 PM
Monroe Dawson said...

I dont mind the capris...but she needs diff shoes! lol And heck ya...Taylor is a hottie!

November 19, 2009 at 5:06 AM