Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Twi-Time Day 2


Ok guys obviously we've all wondered whats REALLY going on on the set of New Moon...and while we can all just listen to the celebrity gossip columns and look at all their yummy pictures...*sigh its never enough and we shall never know the real truth. So lets speculate shall we?!?!

How great is it to see a couple together that actually PLAYS a couple...so as I think about the whole Rob and Kristen jig I just get all excited.

Here is the infamous "hold hands" photo. I have to say it doesnt really look affectionate. It looks more like to me that hes more of leading the way...idk...I REALLY hope they are truly together just b/c I mean hey they are on film so why not in real life ya know?!? Do yall like them as a couple?!?

Id say if they really are together that they would make the perfect odd little couple. You must admit that both are totally...well different. They arnte all shiny and spoofed up for the sake of Hollywood! :o) During the filming of Twilight it was rumored that they were dating but they denied everything...later on its been told that Rob and Kristen kept it a secret b/c the age difference...what do yall think??? (Btw...love K Stewarts outfit in this shoot)

Now THIS is REALLY a couple that I truly hope is a real one. Two of my fav little people in the world! Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner. Now THEY would be Americas Sweethearts!!! I truly love them both to the ends of this earth. Both are just to wholesome and real for you not to love.

I read interviews and both are basically saying "no comment" to the situation but I cant do anything but hope this is true!

Have yall seen the kissing pic for the new movie...yowza...

So what romance is getting you going within the Twilight community?!? Who hot and whos not???



~ames~ said...

I think Taylor Squared is super cute. I love the bit she did in her monologue on SNL - the wink and wave during her song was too cute. And probably poking fun. It's fun to speculate though.

November 17, 2009 at 10:11 PM
Monroe Dawson said...

Taylor Squared! LOL TOO CUTE! :o) I really need to see that skit!

November 18, 2009 at 5:09 AM