Hunting Ground (Alpha & Omega, Book 2) - Patricia Briggs

Blurb~ Mated to werewolf Charles Cornick, the son-and enforcer-of the leader of the North American werewolves, Anna Latham now knows how dangerous being a werewolf is, especially when a werewolf who opposes Charles and his father is struck down. Charles's reputation makes him the prime suspect, and the penalty for the crime is execution. Now Anna and Charles must combine their talents to hunt down the real killer-or Charles will take the fall.

Ok...yes I am alive...but only barely! lol Ive had SUCH a busy few weeks let me tell you...most importantly my mom came to visit! =) Shes moving to Alaska this week so I was happy to get to spend quality time with her!

Ok so ya back to the program...

WE pick right up after Anna and Charles have mated and married! They are still getting used to each other but things are going pretty good! Bran is still pushing for the weres to come out in the open but not everyone is gung-ho! Soooooo...they are having this huge meeting in which all the head honchos are to attend. Things start going wrong when people start coming up either dead or attacked! Charles is uber protective of his Anna...even more so when SHE almost gets taken by a group of vamps! Whos doing all the killing? And why are the vamps involved in were business? Most importantly why are fingers starting to point to Charles???

This book was great! It was action packed! I really didnt expect all the things that went on with the vamps being involved and such! A witch fae is also involved and let me tell you she gets hers! ;) Theres tons of fighting, biting, and hunting going on in this book! Oh did I mention King Author is in this one??? LOL! Ya you just have to read it to know what Im talking about! ;)

I really felt like in this book Charles and Anna start to become more of a normal couple! I love how protective of Anna he is and also the other way around. At a few points Anna feels either a fae or just a female in general show interest in Charles and she lets them know whats up! Charles of course LOVES the attention b/c it shows how much shes growing in their relationship.

I love Anna! Shes been through so much and yet perseveres through it every time! She really starting to come into her own skin with being an Omega and even meets another of her kind!!! There was so much character development in this book that it totally leave you wanting more more more!

I cant wait to see how the "coming out" will end up working! I felt the meeting didnt get much of anywhere b/c of all the killings and kidnapping so Im sure we still have a few books to go!

“Your wife called me last night.” Bran’s voice was gruff.

“Ah.” He hadn’t known that. Anna must have done it while he’d been out trying to outrun his frustrations.

“She told me I wasn’t hearing what you were saying,” Da said. “I told her that I heard you tell me quite clearly that I was an idiot for going to Seattle to meet with the European delegation — as did most of the rest of the pack.”

Tactful, that’s me, thought Charles, who decided sipping his cocoa was better than opening his mouth.
“And I asked him if you were in the habit of arguing with him without a good reason,” said Anna breezily as she slipped by his father and brushed against Charles. She was wearing his favorite brown sweater. On her it hung halfway down her thighs and buried her shape in cocoa-colored wool. Brother Wolf liked it when she wore his clothes.
She should have looked like a refugee, but somehow she didn’t. The color turned her skin to porcelain and brought out rich highlights in her light brown hair. It also emphasized her freckles — which he adored. She hopped up on the counter and purred happily as she snagged the cocoa he’d made for her.
“And then she hung up,” said his father in disgruntled tones.
“Mmm,” said Anna. Charles couldn’t tell if she was responding to the hot chocolate or his father.

“And she refused to pick up the phone when I called back.”
His father wasn’t pleased.
Not so comfortable having someone around who doesn’t instantly obey you, old man? Charles thought — just as his father met his eye. Bran’s sudden laugh told Charles that his da wasn’t really upset.
“Frustrating,” Charles ventured.
“He yelled at me,” Anna said serenely, tapping her forehead. The Marrok could speak to any of his wolves mind to mind, though he couldn’t read their thoughts no matter how much it felt like that was what he was doing. He was just damnably good at reading people.
“I ignored him, and he went away eventually.”

“No fun fighting someone who doesn’t fight back,” Charles said.

HA! lol I love how feisty shes getting! Ok go get this book if you havent! Ms. Briggs is the BOMB at everything she writes! ;)

I give this book a total of...


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You're my savior, my shackled wrists released
Yet my bondage when my need is increased

Your touch singes as I peak
You bring me down and so I seek

Your whispered words makes me shiver
and so my mind begins to quiver

Brought quickly down and so I wake
Then my heart begins to break

In my mind that's all you'll be
Until next time, hopefully my soul you'll see



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Taking Care of Business - Megan Hart & Lauren Dane

One conference, two friends, two men who know how to take care of business. After leaving the wrong man, Leah Griffin’s not ready to look for the right one. All she wants is to survive the conference she’s planning and spend some time with her best friend Kate Edwards. She’s not expecting the conference services manager to be so tall, dark and handsome…or so eager to please. It’s Brandon Long’s job to make Leah happy, but after a scorching interlude in her hotel room, neither can deny business has become pleasure. Smart, driven and successful attorney, Katherine Edwards has spent her life making the right choices. Directly counter to those right choices, she’s involved in a long distance, secret love affair with a co-worker. Charles Dixon is a bad choice she can’t help but make – over and over. A conference and a promotion bring Kate back to Pennsylvania and suddenly, Dix wants far more than a few nights in random hotel rooms. He wants something permanent and Katherine has to figure out if sometimes a wrong choice isn’t exactly what a woman needs.

As many of you have probably realized I dont read a ton of erotica books. BUT I do have many...let me repeat that...MANY MANY friends who persuade me to do so! ;) MY bff'ers Ames recently sent me this naughty little package FILLED with persuasive reading material! lol!!! I guess thats just what friends are for huh?!?! Ive read Megan Hart before but not Lauren Dane and when I asked Ames which to start with she said Taking Care of Business! And boy let me tell you...* REALLY took care of business! lol

Here we have two small, main stories braided into one seamless hot book! Leah and Kate have been friends since childhood. Both girls are in the big corporate world so love is somewhat on the last of their 'To Do' lovin' however is NOT! Lol I say the girls arent into relationships but Leah actually got out of one ( was more of an odd sexual relationship where he made her submit to him at every turn). Right after the breakup Leah meets Kate at a conference where both girls seem to meet their matches!

Kate met Dix (no pun intended...did you just snicker?) a while back and has had a few quickies in some hotel rooms. When face to face at the conference both are smacked in the face with the reality that Kate is moving closer which begs the question of will their be more than hot hotel sex! I felt this relationship had a bit of lack of communication! Kate was pretty sure she wanted something more yet didnt think Dix could handle it with his needy (and very annoying) ex-wife and two kids! And Dix just thought she was in it for the fun!

Jumping back to Leah...well she meets this HOT manager guy named Brandon. Brandon recently got out of a long relationship and is working hard hours to make this snippy corporate barbiedoll happy at the hotel...said woman (Leah) has other things that need tending too and it isn't just how many pens and pencils are on the conference room table! ;) This relationship was interesting...Leah has issues that run along with her ex. Like I said he expected her to be a submissive puppy dog for so long she wanted to turn the tables! And boy did she!!! YOWZA! Lets jsut say...someone gets tied up! lol Dont we all love those kinda books?!?!

Overall this book was a hot little hoot! It was all about overcoming insecurities and getting what you want out of your relationship! It was entertaining at every turn! You were either laughing, getting hot and bothered, or getting emotional over all the insecurities.

Getting hot and bothered TOO MUCH was my problem! lol The only downfall in erotica in general is I sometimes feel that I not getting too much more than lust. Idk maybe it was just this book...liek I said I dont read a ton of erotica. Ive read another Megan Hart book before and it had so much relationship in it that I thought it was very equally balanced! This one however wsnt...BUT dont let me sway you the wrong way! This book burnt my hands while holding it! I cant even put up a snippet! lol I think I blushed the entire time reading this! lol

So ya overall I will be reading the second one (No Reservations) to see how the story continues! And thanks Ames! lol I will FOREVER remember this gem! ;)

I give this book a total of...


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Oh By The Way...

Ok I REALLY adore Susan Donovan's books! Her Dog Walker Trilogy books started off great with Aint Too Proud To Beg! The next book comes out May 25th! CANT WAIT!

Now 35, Josie Sheehan has collected failed relationships the way some women collect designer handbags, and the only man who's been sharing her bed is her Labradoodle, Genghis. All that changes when she meets Rick Rousseau, a smart and sexy pet store CEO who falls head-over-heels for her. Just when Josie thinks she's found something more than puppy love, she discovers that Rick has a complicated past -- and a secret that could put her in danger.

This is the second in my trilogy of romantic comedies about the women in a San Francisco dog-walking group. (It is NOT the title of my autobiography. Just thought I'd clarify.) THE NIGHT SHE GOT LUCKY is the super-sexy story of Ginger Garrison and Lucio Montevez. Now forty and divorced, Ginger is certain she’d rather spend her nights with her spoiled Bichon Frise than waste another minute with a man who doesn’t adore her. Then she meets Lucio – or “Lucky” as his friends call him – a renowned nature photographer as famous for breaking hearts as he is for as taking pictures. Is Lucio capable of staying put? With one woman? Or will he be on the first plane to Bora Bora once he’s made Ginger his latest conquest? May 25, 2010

The trilogy gets wrapped up with the story of professional man-hater Roxie Bloom and the sexy but seemingly aloof dog whisperer she asks to save her rescue mutt. Roxie and Eli Gallagher have been denying their mutual attraction for months, but when Roxie’s dog bites her ex-boyfriend – a powerful criminal defense lawyer bent on destroying her life – she must swallow her pride and ask for Eli’s help. Saving the dog will take patience and determination, but it also will require Roxie and Eli to open their hearts in ways they never thought possible. November 3, 2010

Arent these cover beautiful?!?! CANT WAIT! =)

Oh and happy hump day! ;)


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This Perfect Kiss - Christie Ridgway

Curious people want to know: is dashing millionaire Rory Kincaid about to resign his position as the "sexiest man in town"?
If Rory decides to step down as the most eligible bachelor in America, millions of women will be left crying on his way to the altar...
Rory Kincaid has everyone talking...and the women swooning.
After a lifetime of living down his family's scandalous past, the handsome public figure decides to take up the mantle of respectability.
But first he must survive the scandal caused by a curvy siren named Jilly Skye.
With her snug, vintage clothes and free-spirited ways, Jilly can't quite discover why Rory makes her feel so....tingly. Though he's far from an antique, no one that tempting should appear so stodgy. When the two are caught on film in a distinctly compromising position, Jilly agrees to pose as his fiancee - at least until his reputation gets back in order.
But neither of them counted on love...

You know...I read this book last week and at the time was like 'ok Im digging this' but now looking back I notice that it wasnt all the was just ehh...kinda passing the time.

Its your typical eccentric woman falling for the uptight rich guy. She teaches him to let go and have the life he REALLY wants and not the one everyone else wants him to have. Rory wants to live down his families scandalous life so he sets out to be a politician. When Rory gets caught in a compromising position with Jilly he is forced to fake an engagement but will Jillys past interfere with his goals? The big question is in the end what will Rory choose...Jilly or his career?

Theres also another story on the side...this one is WAY more interesting and personally I think it shouldve been the headliner! Rorys brother fell in love with his grandfathers young and beautiful wife YEARS ago. After she produced an heir he kicked her out on her fanny...when the two are face to face after all these years sparks start to fly...but how will it all play out when theres not only a past to overcome but a child she hasnt seen since birth?!?!

Like I said this book was just meh for me...very predictable and sketchy at parts/ I do love this author but I must say that this one didnt lite my fire! ;o) After reading it I felt like Ive read it before. I guess at the time I needed something more fresh. SO if this wouldnt be something you've read before you may enjoy it way better than I did! So give it a shot and let me know what you think!

I give this book a total of...


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By The Way...

My best friend Ames from over at Thrifty Reader sent some books my's the book I'm just about to start and I CANT WAIT! This will be my second Megan Hart book!! Have yall read it? I'm sure you have!


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By The Way...

Just wanted to stop by real quick to say have a Happy Friday! =o) Any plans??? Whatcha reading? Any good???

*~*~*~*Loves ya!*~*~*


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Instant Temptation - Jill Shalvis

TJ—the oldest brother of Cam and Stone—on his expedition of the heart. His destination: Harley Stephens, a blond spitfire TJ's wanted for a long time. Harley, who's recently gotten her degree in wildlife biology, needs TJ's help on a dangerous research trip that may lead to a good job in Colorado, but she won't ask for it. TJ, meanwhile, wants her to stay local and offers her work with his family's wilderness guide company. After TJ lends his support to Harley's expedition, their love for each other builds, but will they be able to make it work?

Ok sexual tension is the theme in this little gem of a book! If youve read the prior two books in this trilogy youve met the Wilder boys! And 'Yum' doesnt begin to describe these wild child's!

TJ and Harley have know each other for years! TJ wants...but cant have! lol Harley has been forced to grow up quick...taking care of her younger sister and helping out her parents. Shes geld back a lot in her life but now shes reaching out for what she wants in life...a big a different city. When TJ is thrown into a temporary working relationship with Harley he starts to get hot and bothered by his wanting...a fling starts into a relationship...but will Harley stay and gave up her big dreams in the big city...and what about the unknown person shooting innocent animals on her turf???

I LOVED THIS BOOK! I have to say it wasn't my MOST FAV but it was second in the line of all three!

Give back and forth in this book was amazing! lol Both had sparky personalities yet still oozed sexiness! lol Obviously like all romances both parties tried to fight their love for each other! But ALSO like others they fail miserably! lol

TJ is a man who totally avoids everything "real" in his, failure and responsibility are sorta low on his list of 'To Do's'. But when he gets back around the one gal who awakens the man in him he doenst know what to think. I love these sorta stories...wild boy gone straight!

The thing is Harley plans on moving if she gets this big shot job in the city and that means leaving her family that she supports and TJ behind. Harley is totally stuck in between a rock and a hard place! Once she finally realizes she cant ignore her feelings for TJ (btw he realizes it WAY before her lol) she finds herself confused about what she really wants. Shes been taking treks with TJ working part him for Wilder Adventures and LOVING IT! So being stuck in an office all day is beginning to not look so well.

The best part of this story for me is that its so real. Here you have Harley...a girl whos always been in love with a guy thats totally out of her reach (btw *SPOILER* he was her first...he used to be wild in high school and drunkingly had sex with her) and she torn because now hes showing interest at the WRONG TIME...then you have TJ...a wild child gone straight. Scared of his strong feeling for the girl hes always looked at in big way!

Oh btw I forgot to the background there are some dudes killing animals and getting in the way of Harley working. Not the biggest or most interesting part of the story so I couldve done without that but eh, whatever! ;o)

So overall this was a great finish to the Wilder Brothers Trilogy/ Im really sad to say goodbye to these guys but everything good must come to an end! lol Btw Cam is still my fav! ;o)

If you asked TJ Wilder to choose between a warm autumn night in the Sierras or a warm woman, he knew that most people would put money on him taking the woman.
And while that might have been true in his wild, unchecked youth, tonight they’d have been wrong. Not that he didn’t love women. He did. Short or tall. Willowy or curvy. Sweet or hot-as-hell sexy– actually, make that especially hot-as-hell sexy.
Over the years he’d loved plenty.
But he loved the Sierras, too. And while it was true that the tall, rugged, remote mountain peaks could be deadly dangerous to both life and limb, the mountains couldn’t break a man’s soul. At least not without permission. And TJ no longer let anything break him. He didn’t let anything break him or get to him, period. He was cool, calm, and prepared, always. Cam and Stone had long ago accepted this, that as the oldest brother, TJ just knew things, like which direction to go on the mountain, whether on skis or a bike, or in the helicopter. He knew which of their outdoor expedition company clients would be a pain-in-the-ass, and he could sense trouble a mile away.
And then, as he walked through Moody’s Bar And Grill after a quick dinner with Cam and Stone, feeling full and surprisingly content for the moment, something plowed into his chest with the force of a cyclone.

Not something.
Harley Stephens. AKA the one source of trouble that he’d never managed to avoid. Absorbing the impact, he managed to keep them both from tumbling to the floor, and as his brain registered how warm and soft she felt in his arms, she lifted her face, the scent of her filling his head. That’s when something else hit him too, the same inexplicable sense that he always got with her, the deja vu feeling that he’d been here before. Not in the doorway of Moody’s with the fiery Indian summer sun setting behind her and the sound of the dinner crowd behind him, loud and rowdy . . . but having her practically wrapped around him.

I give this book a total of...


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Thorn Queen (Dark Swan, Book 2) - Richelle Mead

Eugenie Markham is a shaman for hire, paid to bind and banish creatures from the Otherworld. But after her last battle, she s also become queen of the Thorn Land. It s hardly an envious life, not with her kingdom in tatters, her love life in chaos, and Eugenie eager to avoid the prophecy about her firstborn destroying mankind. And now young girls are disappearing from the Otherworld, and no one--except Eugenie--seems willing to find out why.
Eugenie has spilled plenty of fey blood in her time, but this enemy is shrewd, subtle, and nursing a very personal grudge. And the men in her life aren t making things any easier. Her boyfriend Kiyo is preoccupied with his pregnant ex, and sexy fey king Dorian always poses a dangerous distraction. With or without their help, Eugenie must venture deep into the Otherworld and trust in an unpredictable power she can barely control. Reluctant queen or not, Eugenie has sworn to do her duty--even if it means facing the darkest--and deadliest--side of her nature...

Ok...Richelle Mead...LOVE THIS WOMAN!

In the latest Dark Swan book Eugiene is getting used to being the queen of her own land. Shes totally in between two worlds...not knowing where she fits is a big issue in this book. I love how Eugiene is totally alone yet not alone in her world. It makes for an interestingly deep read once you get past all the hubbub on the exterior! She needs to take care of her land and people yet everyone (but the tempting King Dorian that she once played in the sheets with) wants her to stay away!

Another this is her lover Kiyo is actually in the midst of having a child with his ex. How Eugiene deals with this at first is remarkable b/c I just dont know what I would do. And actually that gave me a problem in the book. I mean shes GREATLY understanding...even when he would stand her up. And that just bothers me...but in the same sense she knows and is trying and I feel that maybe RM was trying to show us a deeper hurt...and more of a numbness of the situation. REMEMBER she cant have his (or anyone else's kids) b/c she is supposed to have the child that will be like the downfall or something...bad...something bad ya thats it! lol

The first part of the book was a bit slow for me...I enjoy her growing into being a part of her world but the day to day life that was in the first half was a bit boring. Maybe thats why it took me so long to read it.

BUT this brings me to an interesting part...see girls are getting kidnapped from her world and shes made it a promise to find them and bring the kidnapper down! WELL she ends up getting taken as well...*SPOILER* and drugged and raped on a daily basis!!! Will she get away??? Who will get her out...herself...Dorian whos still after her heart...or her preoccupied lover Kiyo?

Above all this was a great little book...I think the faults and plus's kinda were evened out...was there too many faults to make me not wanna continue...HECK NO!!!! But it couldve been more polished!

PS- For the Dorian fans...*sigh you wont be disappointed!

Here is a Snippet of just why I love RM...shes so funny!

I’d never really been like other kids. I’d had some friends, but compared to theirs, my world had been terribly stark and terribly deadly. Their dramas and concerns had seemed so petty next to mine, and I could never fully relate. As an adult now, I still couldn’t really connect to kids because I had no shared experiences to draw on.

Which made my job today that much more difficult.

“Go ahead, Polly,” crooned the girl’s mother, smiling with over-plump lips. Too much collagen, I suspected. “Tell her about the ghost.”

Polly Hall was 13 but wore enough make-up to rival a 40-year old whore. She sat slouched against the back of a couch in her family’s perfectly decorated house, chewing gum loudly, looking everywhere but at us. The more I studied her, the more I decided she probably did have problems. I suspected they had less to do with supernatural influences and more with having a mother who had named her Polly and let her wear thongs. It was an unfortunate side effect of Polly’s low-cut jeans that I could see the aforementioned thong.


Monsters and gentry I tended to send back to the Otherworld, the limbo they lived in. A ghost like this needed to move on to the land of death. She disappeared.

Mrs. Hall and Polly stared at me. Suddenly, in her first show of emotion, the girl leapt up and glared at me.

“You just killed my best friend!”

I opened my mouth to respond and decided nothing I had to say would be adequate.

“Good heavens, what are you talking about?” exclaimed her mother.

Polly’s face twisted with anger, her eyes bright with tears. “Trixie. She was my best friend. We told each other everything.”

“Trixie?” Mrs. Hall and I asked in unison.

“I can’t believe you did that. She was so cool.” Polly’s voice turned a little wistful. “I just wish we could have gone shopping together, but she couldn’t leave the house. So I just had to bring her Vogue and Glamour.”

I turned to Mrs. Hall. “My original advice still stands. Therapy. Lots of it.”

I give this book a total of...


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Midnight Sins (The Midnight Trilogy Book 2) - Cynthia Eden

Todd Brooks fights to keep Atlanta safe from a serial killer, an increasingly complex job as he discovers that his city is teeming with demons, vampires and an array of Others. It also doesn't help that smitten with beautiful prime suspect Cara Firon. All the evidence points to Caras guilt, but Todd is certain that she has been set up, even as his colleagues warn that he is being swayed by lust. Cara, meanwhile, turns out to be a powerful sex demon struggling with her own issues of right, wrong and love.

*sigh...Im beginning to really love this woman. Cynthia Eden is still pretty new to me. Ive only read one other book from her (in this same series) but so far Im giving her nothing but high marks!

In book two of The Midnight Trilogy we meet Todd Banks. He is partner to our hero in book one (Colin) and has been under wraps about all the paranormal activity. When murders start and Caras purse is found in a nearby dumpster all fingers start to point her way!

...In comes Todd...tall...lean...SEXY AS HECK! Man meat on a stick! BUT a big ol' temper to follow...he suspects Cara is in on the murders and knows something is up when she starts to sweat! Colin knows what she is...A SUCCUBUS! I was uber excited knowing this b/c really Ive only read two different series about Succubus' s! But he is totlaly hot for her (b/c her succubus aura) but he cant help but suspect her of murder! When things finally get hot and heavy it comes down to if he believes her or not...AND once he finds out WHAT exactly she is...we wonder if he can handle that hurtle and love Cara! Then their is the murderer...and when he starts to get closer and closer to Cara things start to get ugly!

Ok I seriously loved this book. In the first book Colin (a changeling) obviously was aggressive...and in this second book Todd is no exception even though hes human! Todd is a hot freaking cop that follows his intuition. And when it brings him to Cara, I believe its the first time hes thrown for a loop. Hes had other gals before...being sorta a ladies man...BUT with Cara all things change.

Now, Cara is a succubus that has taken an oath of celibacy! I KNOW I can she...well succubus go for lust right!???! Well she she kinda feeds off the people in the crowd. So ya he comes to see her sing and question her! The great thing about this story is that they both try to fight getting involved with each other...Cara tries even harder towards the end. Todd ends up giving up and seeks her out in more ways than one! ;o)

One aspect Ive never came across was that Cara could reach into Todd's dreams...CE did this a few times in the book and left you panting at the end of each dream. This book ended up being much more erotic than I anticipated! ;o) You'll love this one! So got check it out! I for one cant wait to continue on my Cynthia Eden journey!

Quote I love:
“She was an aberration, she knew it. Not a predator like she should be. Too weak. The demon blood in her body should have made her a perfect hunter.”

I give this book a total of...


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Branded by Fire (Psy-Changelings, Book 6) - Nalini Singh

Though DarkRiver sentinel Mercy is feeling the pressure to mate, she savagely resists when Riley Kincaid, a lieutenant from the SnowDancer pack, tries to possess her. The problem is not simply that he pushes her buttons; the problem is that he’s a wolf, she’s a cat, and they’re both used to being on top.

But when a brilliant changeling researcher is kidnapped from DarkRiver territory, Mercy and Riley must work together to track the young man—before his shadowy captors decide he’s no longer useful. Along the way, the two dominants may find that submitting to one another uncovers not just a deadly conspiracy, but a passion so raw that it’ll leave them both branded by fire…

Ok it would be stupid for me to go about this review trying to persuade you to buy into this series...why you ask...welll....b/c most of you already have! And if you havent, well youve probably been living under a rock. Nalini Singh has done nothing but once again amaze me with her writing! She makes you laugh, cry and get all hot and bothered while forcing you to sit at the edge of your seat! This book in no way is an exception!

In this book we get more into Mercys storyline...weve all wondered (along with Mercy) if she would ever fall into a mans arms...AND heart. Mercy was beginning to give up all hope in the matter until one day in the woods she runs along her annoyingly yet very handsome fellow changeling Riley. Riley is a part of the SnowDancer pack (you remember his sis is Bree and was once abducted but now is back and mated with ex-Psy Judd). Both are at odds with eachother most the time but once Mercy starts to act like a cat in heat Riley takes control...

One problem...Mercy is a dominant cat and doesnt appreciate Riley's acts of possessiveness. But when people (once again) start coming up missing in their territory they are forced together to fix the situation. Will the two be able to get along long enough to find the missing? Will that one day in the woods repeat itself?...I think the question is...when two dominants go head to head...who do YOU think will end up on top?!?!?!

Apart from Slave to Sensation (book 1...the first book in a series always hold a special place in my heart lol) this was my favorite book in the series! I love that we get changeling with changeling! No Psy lovin (that hasnt already happened) in this book. Which brings me to another thing I love...we always get too see our favorite couples in each book! I love that I still feel connected with the whole pack. And if you think about it NS thought this out well...they are all a part of a pack therefore they should all remain in each book. Afterall they are all a part of one big family. Oh and spoiler...SOMEONE GETS PREGGERS!!! WOOT WOOT!

I think the biggest issue in this book had to (at first) be the issue of "race". I guess you could call it that lol Riley is a wolf and Mercy a cat. Each belong to a different pack therefore if they ever mated the more dominant one would remain and the other would break apart and join the other. The problem is that both are high in ranks in the pack and basically BLEED their loyalties to Lucas and Hawk. So both are not only fighting their feelings for one another but also their feelings towards their pack...who will leave their pack??? READ AND FIND OUT! Lol

Another thing I must mention is the MAJOR plot with the Psy/Human/Changeling etc...boy is that story building! I honestly get a bit confused at times about who is doing what but mostly im all there! lol I love how NS has built this world...nto only built this world but built in in war times! Its beining to sound like its gonna be every race fro themselves! I cant wait to see what happens next!

One last thing. Hawk and Riley are very close. They grew up together and now Hawk is Rileys leader...well so they were talking about Riley and his need for Mercy and Hawks need came into view...he has a dang thing for Sienna! I mean I THOUGHT he did but this book totally outted it fro us and now Im all itchy to see whats gonna happen! Sienna had to get away from the pack so shes staying with Lucas and Sascha for now...BUT it looks like by the end of the book her and another kitty cat are getting pretty close. Man Hawks book is gonna be GOOOOOD! lol

Ok this snippet is when Riley and Mercy FIRST get together in the beginning of the book! Ohhhhh its a hawt one! ;o)

“I’ll give you one thing,” he said, crouching opposite her as they circled each other. “You know how to move…kitty.”
Adrenaline shot through her, a hot, liquid fire. “Better than a jumped-up sheepdog anyway.” She didn’t even see it coming. One moment she was about to slash his face—okay, so she would’ve just scratched him, it wasn’t like this was a fight to the death—and the next, she was flat on her back with her wrists slammed to the earth, gripped in one strong fist.
“Ooomph.” All the air rushed out of her as Riley’s lower body crushed hers to the ground. The bastard was heavy, pure muscle over solid bone.

“Yield.” His nose was almost touching hers.

“You wish.” She smirked into chocolate-dark eyes. “Come closer.”

“So you can bite me?” A flash of teeth. “First you yield. Then I’ll come closer.”
“Not on your life.” If she yielded, she’d be acknowledging his dominance, at least for tonight.
“Then I guess I’ve have to make you.”
“Try it.” Smiling, she went for his throat and almost had him, when—using a move that was all sorts of illegal—he flipped her again so her front pressed into the leaf-laden ground, her wrists still locked in his iron grip and pinned above her head.

“So says the woman who tried to kick my balls into my throat,” he pointed out, even as he licked the salt off the skin of her neck in a lazy and highly provocative move.

“I’m going to kill you.” It was more hiss than sound.
He bit her. In the soft, sensitive place between neck and shoulder. She felt her entire body shiver from the inside out at the blatant show of dominance.
“Stop it.” It came out husky, nothing like the rejection she wanted it to be.
He took his mouth from her.
“I’ve pinned you.”

“That’s wolf shit. I’m a cat.”
“You’re still trapped under me.” He nuzzled at her throat. “And you smell all hot and wet and ready.” His voice was dropping, going wolf on her.

She found herself raising her body against him without realizing it, her bottom rubbing, enticing, inviting. “You tell anyone, I’ll carve out your heart.”

“Talking’s not what I’m interested in right now.”

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