Must Love Mistletoe - Christie Ridgway

***Little side note...I hope everyone had a great Christmas and will have an even better New Years! I just got back from Florida (where Im from) to spend Christmas with the fam...lets just say it was eventful! LMAO! Well Ive been lax (man Ive been saying that a lot) but Im back on track and my New Years resolution is, not only to start church back EVERY SUNDAY lol, but to start reviewing more! lol Ive been lazy lately so I need to get my booty in gear! Ok so here we go with a Christmas book review!***

Bailey Sullivan can't stand Christmas, even though her family's business is a store specializing in the perfect holiday. But now her hometown's chief supplier of rooftop Rudolphs and treetop angels is in danger of going under—it's up to Bailey to save the shop.

She has it all planned: She'll arrive on December 1 and be gone by Christmas. Plus there's always spiked eggnog to ease the pain. But "Humbug" Bailey's not the only one home for the holidays. Finn Jacobson—legendary local bad boy-turned-Secret Service agent and Bailey's long-lost high-school sweetheart—is once again the boy next door. Only this time he's all grown up, and the sparks are flying faster and hotter than ever!

Bailey believes in true love about as much as she believes in Santa Claus. But as the holiday draws closer, she's starting to think about one thing she'd like to find under her tree . . .

In the spirit of Christmas I wanted to try and find a hot and steamy, yet utterly corny, Christmas read...AND I FOUND IT! :o) Well...I guess it wasnt that corny but you almost expect it when it comes to seasonal reads! lol

This story is about a girl named Bailey who experienced EVERYTHING growing up with neighborhood bad boy Finn Jacobson. She fell so utterly in love from the very start, but things got rough when it was time for college and she decided to leave it all behind without even saying goodbye. 10 years later she finds herself back in town helping her mother through a divorce and saving their Christmas store. Baileys emotions go haywire when she sees her old flame Finn again and decides that maybe being bad isnt so BAD afterall! ;o) But when Baileys time runs up (Christmas day) will she run like 10 years ago or will she stick around to find out if Finn is the one for her?

This was the absolute perfect little Christmas story to light my fire. I have to say my favorite aspect was when each person would look back and relive the past. You got to see a young Finn and Bailey fall in love and experience all the firsts of young love...the flirting, the awkward first kiss, sex...and passionate love! :o) I loved that even as they were growing up you were pulled into the story by the developing of their character, and even later on they seem to mature even more!

One thing that I was unure about was kinda a large part! lol BUT it wasnt enough to unconnect me from the story. Finn was distraught when Bailey left him all those years ago so he tried really hard to prove her that he was the man she wanted. He ended up as a secret service agent protecting the president...ok thats fine BUT heres where it gets hairy! lol There was an attempted assassination on the pres and as he jumps in the way of a bullet it takes out his eye (wait thats too funny b/c this is a Christmas book and that makes me think of A Christmas Story where the boy wants a bee bee gun and they tell him he will shoot out his eye..lmao) so the first time she sees him again hes wearing an eye patch! EPP! NO OFFENSE but I thought maybe it would bother me and I would have a hard time looking around it (no pun intended) but actually I eneded up loving him so much more for it! He hated the damn thing and didnt want anyone to think it made him any less of a man! But like I said the story behind the eye thing is kinda hokey but whatever it worked out ok! :o)

One other cool thing was that you got to jump into Baileys moms romance! Baileys mom is going through a divorce b/c her and her husband are in a rut. Shes been hurt b4 (by Baileys father) and one sign of her new hubby leaving send her off the deep end. You find your heart breaking for an unsteady marriage and fo sho youll be rooting them on just as much as Bailey and Finn!

Snib Bit~
Bailey looked over at her old friend Tanner. “I’m here for Finn. His grandmother sent me to bring him home.”

“Sent you?” Tanner echoed.

“I live right next door, if you remember. I promised I’d rescue him, since he’s apparently pretty, um, intoxicated. Is he here? Have you seen him?”

He rubbed his hand over his stubbled chin. “Listen, Bailey. Finn…Finn hits the bottle kinda hard, now and then. When he does, I watch out for him. He’s not going to get into any real trouble.”

Her stomach clenched. Not any “real” trouble. What did Tanner mean by that? “Take me to him. I’ll get him home right now.”

Jutting off from the main area was a smaller room, filled with more tables and chairs, another couple of pool tables, and in one corner…Santa.

Santa Finn, with a bevy of giggling beauties lined up before him, all ready to sit on his lap and tell the pirate what they wanted for Christmas.

A red-and-white fleece hat perched sloppily on his dark head. Candy canes poked from the pocket of his shirt. And after each woman whispered her secrets in his oh-so-eager ear, he gave them a piece of candy…and a lingering kiss.

Something told her Finn Jacobson wouldn’t relish her rescue.

Which was exactly why she took her place at the back of the line.

So like I said this book was adorable and Ive actually already picked up another one her CR's book...The Thrill of it be looking out soon for that review! :o)

I give this book a total of...


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By The Way...


(My nephew Eli)

Love you guys!


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The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie - Jennifer Ashley

The year is 1881. Meet the Mackenzie family--rich, powerful, dangerous, eccentric. A lady couldn't be seen with them without ruin. Rumors surround them--of tragic violence, of their mistresses, of their dark appetites, of scandals that set England and Scotland abuzz.

The youngest brother, Ian, known as the Mad Mackenzie, spent most of his young life in an asylum, and everyone agrees he is decidedly odd. He's also hard and handsome and has a penchant for Ming pottery and beautiful women.

Beth Ackerley, widow, has recently come into a fortune. She has decided that she wants no more drama in her life. She was raised in drama--an alcoholic father who drove them into the workhouse, a frail mother she had to nurse until her death, a fussy old lady she became constant companion to. No, she wants to take her money and find peace, to travel, to learn art, to sit back and fondly remember her brief but happy marriage to her late husband.

And then Ian Mackenzie decides he wants her.

Ok Im keeping all my posts short this week due to Christmas being on Friday and I gotta get the house ready b/c Im going to Florida to see my fam!!! Yay!!!

So onto the review! ;o)

Yall all know Im new-ish to reading so Im always happy to pick up a new author when someone recommends one. And luckily enough I have a friend that sends me books all the time (thanks Nicole ;o) and she sent me Jennifer Ashley's - The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie. This is the first book in series of the Mackenzie brothers and what a start it was!

Beth is a widow, but recently engaged to a creep of a guy named Lyndon Mather. He keeps whores on the side and is debt up to his ears...needless to say the money that Beth recently came into is looking pretty sweet to him. But one night at a play Beth meets Lord Ian Mackenzie. Shes heard of him being crazy so she very put off and pretty anxious when meeting him for the first time. Within a few hours Ian has told her that her fiance is nothing short of male scum, kissed her, and PROPOSED MARRIAGE!?!?! This throws Beth for a loop, but she decides to trust the odd man and leave Mather.

After saying no to the proposal and leaving the country Ian decides he will make her say yes and follows her! Needless to say the two find themselves in a bad situation and Beth is forced into marriage! As the two fall in love Ian's past rears its ugly head and Beth starts to ask herself...did Ian really kill the prostitutes hes accused of? Will love and truth concur all???

YAYAYAYAYAAAA! I really loved this book!

It had everything you asked for. A true love story. Your heart broke for Beth and her trying to find true love, and most of all your heart broke for Ian b/c he almost felt he couldnt or didnt know HOW to love b/c of his special circumstances! :*(

As soon as you thought you knew what happened and figured out the story something changed on you! lol I admit I was a bit confused when trying to figue out who the murderer was and I too was questioning if it couldve been Ian...that wouldnt have made me very happy but you know with books theres no telling where it will lead! ;o) There was murder, romance, and laughter all in this book and by the end I was in tears!!!

Snib Bit~
Beth worked her fingers under the edge of her long glove and pulled out the piece of paper. She put her back squarely to the elderly ladies and quietly unfolded the note.

Mrs. Ackerley, it began in a careful, neat hand.

I make bold to warn you of the true character of Sir Lyndon Mather, with whom my brother the Duke of Kilmorgan is well acquainted. I wish to tell you that Mather keeps a house just off the Strand near Temple Bar, where he has women meet him, several at a time. He calls the women his “sweeties” and begs them to use him as their slave. They are not regular courtesans but women who need the money enough to put up with him. I have listed five of the women he regularly meets, should you wish to have them questioned, or I can arrange for you to speak to the duke.

I remain, Yours faithfully, Ian Mackenzie

No, it couldn’t be true. She’d come to know Mather well when she’d been companion to elderly Mrs. Barrington. She and Mrs. Barrington had ridden with Mather in his carriage, visited him and his aunt at his Park Lane house, had him escort them to musicales. He’d never behaved toward Beth with anything but politeness due a rich old lady’s companion, and after Mrs. Barrington’s death, he’d proposed to Beth.

After I inherited Mrs. Barrington’s fortune, a cynical voice reminded her.
What did Lord Ian mean by sweeties? He begs them to use him as their slave.

Beth’s whalebone corset was too tight, cutting off the breath she sorely needed. Black spots swam before her eyes, and she put her hand out to steady herself.

A strong grip closed around her elbow. “Careful,” a Scottish voice grated in her ear. “Come with me.”

I give this book a total of...


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By The Way...

Hey guys! Just wanted to check in with everyone and see how yalls preparations for the holidays are coming!!! Ive got all my shopping done and am ready to head to Florida next week to visit the fam!!! What are yall up to for Christmas?

One thing I am excited about is our office Christmas party tonight!! Im SO sporting a short dress, legins, and ballet flats! Oh ya you know Monroe likes it classy! lol Well while I was trying to find a cute office party picture to put up for my post I came across this...

HELLO?!?!?! Where is this place of work and how do I apply??? LMAO! Alrighty so now that I got your blood pumping I gotta get back to work at my job...that unfortunately DOESN'T come with THIS kinda fun! ;op~

Love yall!


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Start Me Up - Victoria Dahl


Lori Love is yearning for something more...

She’d always planned to get out of tiny Tumble Creek, Colorado, but when her late dad left her his beloved auto repair shop, Lori stayed. Now she needs some excitement in her life and, according to her best friend, some hot, no-strings-attached sex would be just the thing to get Lori’s engine purring.

Quinn Jennings has buildings on the brain—not love and romance. A serious architect, he’s delighted to discover that Lori is willing to skip dating protocol and head straight for the sheets. Using the Lori’s collection of steamy books as a guide, Quinn gets busy making all her wildest fantasies come true. Mind-blowing, meaningless sex is one thing, but then life in Tumble Creek takes a dangerous turn for Lori, and Quinn’s protective instincts kick in. Suddenly he cares. More than either of them ever expected…

We met Lori Love as well as Quinn Jennings in Talk Me Down (VD’s first in this series of books). I really liked Loris character then and was happy to hear that she got her own book.

Lori and Quinn went to school together and never had much of a though about each other. Both started college later on in life but the difference is Quinn got to finish…Lori didn’t. Due to a fatal accident to her father Lori was forced to quit school and take care of her father and his business. Now at age 29 Loris father has passed and shes stuck in a rut fixing cars in the garage while watching her life pass her by. With one conversation to Molly, her best friend, Lori decides she needs a bit of no-stings-attached sex to liven her up. Her “new” look catches the eye of Quinn Jennings (her best friends brother and sexy yet dorky architect). The beans get spilt on her idea of sex and Quinn jumps at the chance to see his Lorilove in action!

The problem starts when the sheriff of Tumble Creek re-opens the death of her father and decides there is more to it than what it seems. Now Lori finds herself in danger from finding out the truth of her fathers past as well as coming face to face with a killer! BUT the one danger Lori never expected was the danger of her own heart…

Lori’s situation is fatal…falling in love and running from a killer WHILE WEARING NEW HEELS! Will she survive?

This was SUCH a good book! EEPPP! I loved it!

First off I love stories about tom girls changed into a sexy goddess! Lori is small and petite but she works on cars all day! When shes thrown into the life of Quinn Jennings she feels she needs to glam it up. But little does she know Quinn loves her just the way she is! Lori has a problem with that b/c they were clearly from different social levels and its a great when she realizes his true intentions and comes to just enjoy the growing relationship.

I think probably the best aspect of this book was the fact that Quinn tried to live out Loris fantasies! He used her erotica book as a study guide as gave her what she craved! YUM! I think my fav fantasy was her bring tied up! Epp! Monroe is a naughty naughty girl lol! And SO IS LORI!!! But the REAL thought about him doing this is that he was trying to give her something for herself and that there shows what kinda guy Quinn is! :o)

And of course one thing that I crave in contemporary books is banter and the "girl time" that cracks me up! Here is a cute Snib Bit between Molly from Talk Me Down and Lori.

Snib Bit~
. . . “You were just asking me about dirty things, Lori Love. Remember? And then Quinn walks over here and stares at you like a raspberry truffle dipped in honey cream.”
“He. . . A what?”
“I’m sorry. That was too much, huh? Too erotica-y? Too much creamy goodness?”
Lori wrapped her fingers around the stem of her martini glass. “God, you are strange.”
“Don’t change the subject. Do you want to do dirty things with my brother or not?”

“No!” Her brain seemed to vibrate at the word, like an internal lie-detector test. “Of course not. I just fixed his backhoe. That’s it.”

“Got his engine running?”

“Stop it.”

“Hey!” Molly protested. “I could have said something about being a hoe, but I didn’t.”

This book was get it! The next one comes out in January...its about Jane, Quinns assistant! I CANT WAIT!!!

I give this book a total of...


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Ain't Too Proud to Beg - Susan Donovan

Josie Sheehan has collected failed relationships the way some women collect designer handbags, and the only man who's been sharing her bed is her Labradoodle, Genghis. All that changes when she meets Rick Rousseau, a smart and sexy pet store CEO who falls head-over-heels for her. Just when Josie thinks she's found something more than puppy love, she discovers that Rick has a complicated past -- and a secret that could put her in danger.

Lately ive been reading so many Paranormal and historical books that I felt I needed a break and wanted to jump back into real NORMAL people! Lol So I felt a great contemporary was in need! And when I need a great contemp I always look to Susan Donovan! In SD’s latest book Ain’t Too Proud to Beg I seriously was NOT let down!

You meet 35 year old obituary writer Joise Sheenhan. Josie has failed so many times at love b/c she seems to fall too quick! When she finally backs down and swears off men altogether is of course when she meets the man of her dreams! While interviewing an elderly lady about her deceased husband, Josie is urged to write down exactly what she wants in a man…and hope…and pray that she soon gets it! Lol Well the very same morning she does this she meets none other than Rick Rousseau. At the time Josie believes Rick to be a dog groomer but later finds out that he is a pet company CEO! (Rich can be checked off her list that’s for sure ;op) They fall for each other very easily but soon run into trouble when Ricks past comes into the mix!

One thing I loves about this story WAS Ricks past. It added seriousness to a story that was lighthearted. Rick used to be a total partier…drugs, alcohol and sex were always high on his list until one day he put a girl on the back of his motorcycle and killed her. Rick barely survived the crash. The girls father plays a side role in this story and surprisingly enough, even though he wants to kill Rick you feel for the man. He lost his child when she was very young and never truly got to grieve. A lot of the action in the book comes from Ricks story as hes trying to capture the man after his own life and survive while doing so.

Josies side of the story is somewhat pretty simple to grasp. She, for one, has to overcome the fact that noone can actually be perfect. Rick, on the outside, seems to be but underneath it all he has a past just like everyone else. When that past is revealed its takes Josie a lot to open up and accept him as he is. Rick is a changed man and she needs to see that.

Another thing I love about this story is that it’s a trilogy! Josie is part of a dog walking group! Each person in her group is very different! Each are very colorful and vary in age so these books will probably reach out to many people! The one person that seems to be linking into all the stories is the elderly lady from the beginning of the story! She knows when people are ready for love and kinda helps them along. So it was cute that this story had somewhat of a supernatural feel when it came to her! :o) She kinda reminded me of an angel of some sorts.

Overall this book rocked! It had everything I was needing…action…romance…and STEAMY STEAMY SEX! ;op~ I cant wait for the second one to come out!

Btw I dont have a Snib Bit b/c I sent the book to a friend already! lol BUT take it from me...the book is hawt! ;o) ***NOTE*** The HUSSY...yes hussy Nicole has my book and she put a Snib Bit for me on the first comment...thanks darlin'...yall enjoy b/c its was such a great part int he book!

I give this book a total of...


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By The Way...

Btw...Ive been sick so sorry for the lack of posts this week...

BUT one thing I couldnt forget is my BFF's B-day!!!!! Ames form Thrifty Reader's b-day is today (Friday) and I hope everyone will wish her the best b-day shes ever had! ;o) I met Amy through blogging and am happy to say she has turned into my very best friend! As yall know she's come to visit me and their is nothing better than getting to meet a blogging buddy face to face! :o) I hope to see her again in June to watch the movie Eclipse and lastly want to wish her the very best birthday!!! Love you girl!!!


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Daughter of the Blood (Black Jewels, Book 1) - Anne Bishop

Within the Blood (a race of magic-users), women rule and men serve, but tradition has been corrupted so that women enslave men, who seek to destroy their oppressors. Female children are violated before they can reach maturity; men are tortured and forced to satisfy witches' sexual appetites. Jaenelle, is destined to rule the Blood, if she can reach adulthood. Her power is hidden; her family believes her mad. Saetan, High Lord of Hell and most powerful of the Blood males, becomes Jaenelle's surrogate father and teacher. He cannot protect her outside Hell, where he rules. She refuses to leave Terreille, risking herself to protect or heal other victims of violence. Can Daemon, Saetan's estranged son, keep her safe from the machinations of the evil High Priestess? Or will he lose his battle to control his destructive urges and endanger her?

Ok this is my first REAL Fantasy book Ive ever read and I have to say that it wasn’t an easy task at first to really grasp the story line.

Janelle is supposed to be the savior of the race (the Blood) that is controlled solely by women. The women in this world dominate with sex and control the men with (basically) energized cock-shock rings! (Sorry didn’t mean to sound so vulgar but that’s kinda what they are ;o) Janelle is being tutored with her magic by Saetan, the Lord of Hell. Saetan cares for Janelle vbery much…but where those feelings may lead idk. Im a little thrown off by his feelings for her b/c they seem to teeter between fatherly and male possessiveness. Saetan has proven a few times within this book where his loyalties lie, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to peruse more.

This would be a bit of a drama to deal with being his SON Daemon is absorbed with Janelle. He knows shes too young to be with him but in the mean time will do anything and everything to keep her safe. Daemon is pretty much a male whore that’s sole purpose is to pleasure and possibly impregnate the women of his kind. He always felt he had a larger purpose in life and he now knows her name is Janelle! :o) D is sent to watch over her family as a servant so this serves as a perfect situation to watch over her.

All seems to be ok on the outside but there is a darker being wanting to make sure Janelle doesn’t come into power as Witch. This is why it’s important to keep Janelle pure and innocent, yet powerful for as long as possible. But Janelle’s home life doesn’t support those ideas. They seem to think Janelle is mad and sends her to a psychiatric facility that doubles as a place where children are raped and abused…to be “broken”.

Can Janelle, only a small child, fight back against whats pulling her under? And can she truly trust the people around her to help???

Ok like I said I was a bit confused by this new world at first. I was a bunch of back and forth for the first quarter of the book and I didn’t feel connected like I normally do. BUT once Daemon and Janelle found each other things started to fall into place. I soon got hooked on this imaginary yet very dark world that Bishop has written about.

This was a great first book to a trilogy and I cant wait to continue with growing with Janelle and her powers. My heart goes out to Daemon and his somewhat unfeeling heart. Hes had a rough life but now has his heart desire right in front of him! Like I said I’m not really sure of Saetans intentions and if they are pure or not…after all he is the Lord of Hell! lol

Im truly glad I stuck with this book and have to thank my Ames fro placing this jewel into my hands! ;o)

I give this book a total of...


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By The Way...

Alice is an upcoming 2009 television mini-series to be broadcast on American cable television channel Syfy. The miniseries is a re-imagining of the classic Lewis Carroll stories Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, with science fiction and additional fantasy elements added. The miniseries is being produced by RHI Entertainment, the company that produced Tin Man, the highly successful 2007 adaptation of The Wizard of Oz. The series will be four hours long, split into two parts, and will premiere on Sunday, December 6, 2009. Writer and director Nick Willing previously directed a 1999 adaptation of the books which followed the story more closely; however, Alice is intended to be a modern interpretation, imagining how Wonderland might have evolved over the last 143 years.

Im TOTALLY excited about this starting on Sunday night! Does anyone remember when they did Tin Man??? I love movies that get turned all Scf Fi-ish! lol They always seem to be a tad bit dark and twisted!

Starts Dec. 6 9/8c

So anyone else watching???


I was looking for some pix on the internet and stumbled upon this one...ok this TOTALLY made my Friday!!! I about pee'd my pants! I kinda want to name him...hmmm...


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Tempt the Devil - Anna Campbell

Any man in London would worship her. Yet Olivia is, quite frankly, bored of them all. Despite her many dalliances, she's never felt true passion, never longed for any lover's touch . . . until Julian, London's most notoriously wanton rake, decided to make her his mistress.

From the moment he first saw her, Julian knew he must possess her. And when he discovers her greatest secret, a scandal that could ruin her reputation and end her career, he knows just the way to use this damaging information to his most delightful advantage. He offers Olivia a deal with the devil: he'll keep her secret . . . if she allows him the chance to show her true ecstasy.

But Olivia must be careful, for Julian has a secret of his own: he will not rest until she is completely, shamelessly his.

Overall this was an ok book. I had never read Anna Campbell before and this was a start.

The idea of the book was good…Olivia has a horrible past (I don’t wanna spoil) that has left her cold to the touch. She has never yearned for a man, yet she is the BEST courtesan there is! While searching for her next man she meets the infamous Julian, Earl of Erith. Julian is instantly intrigued by Olivia and soon makes plans so make her his mistress. Once things are said and done, Olivia reluctantly agrees and moves into her new house the very next day! As some times goes on Julian begins to open up Olivia and find out her dark past and the reason she does not feel pleasure with any man. So he makes it a personal promise that he will not take her to his bed until BOTH of them can be fulfilled! At the same time Olivia is also finding out that Julian has a past and that hes come back to make amends. It turns out his wife died years ago and he was so distraught that he left his daughter and son to grow up with their aunt. Now he wants to re-claim his parentage and fulfill his duties at his daughters wedding. Just that alone is a hard task…but when you throw in a scandal with a famous mistress, it soon becomes impossible!

Can Olivia get over her dark past and learn to feel? Can Julian win her love…and keep it???

Now don’t get me wrong I liked the book decently enough and I know Id read more of AC’s work its just something didn’t fit right in the story. It was like on paper it looks like it would make for the perfect book…but unfortunately for me it wasn’t.

I loved how the whole mistress aspect was different. I liked how she went from man to man…like it was her source of income. And when she was with Julian I loved that she was literally repulsed by him touching her (b/c of her past). In a lot of stories the author tends to just automatically make them fall for eachother and in this book that didn’t happen. She was scared and him helping her heal helped their relationship along. I also loved how he really had to overcome what she was in order to really be with her. If he couldn’t accept her for what sh used to be then she didn’t want anything to do with him. It was great!

Something I didn’t like was just that there was an odd feel to the book. I felt disconnected with the characters. I felt that Olivia being a mistress kinda didn’t fit once you found out her past and that didn’t sit right with me. Julian was an ok hero but some of the things he did…like leaving her b/c he couldn’t marry her (all b/c she USED to be a courtesan) didn’t feel right and then at the end (SPOILER) how he comes and asks her to marry him b/c he has some special license…it wasn’t “OMG how could I leave you”, its was “hey guess its ok now”. Idk it was just weird. Maybe the flow of the story or the awkwardness of everything had some hand in it as well?!? Like I said it’s hard to pinpoint an exact reason why the story didn’t work for me but it just didn’t.

I give this book a total of...


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Seize the Night (Dark-Hunter, Book 7) - Sherrilyn Kenyon

Valerius has been an outsider all of his life. As a human he was scorned as weak by his father. As a Dark-Hunter he's hated by his own kind for the perceived sins of his mortal past. The last thing he needs is to get tangled up in the life of vampire hunter Tabitha Devereaux, who, in addition to being human, is the sister-in-law of his sworn enemy. But something in her warm smile, her openhearted love of life, makes him wonder if it truly is never too late for second chances.

In my latest Dark Hunter book I got to meet Tabitha and Valerius (or Val as Tabby calls him). Tabitha, we’ve seen in prior DH books. Her twin sister is Amanda and also married to Kyrian…and if you don’t remember that story there Kyr basically got tortured by Val’s grandfather so needless to say Val and Kyr (and all Amanda’s fam) hates him. Also btw Val is Zareks brother…the one that always felt sorry for him but ended up getting him in more trouble. :o(

We find out quite a bit about Val and his story was VERY sad! His father treated him hardly any better than he treated his slave of a brother Zarek! As Val took pity on his poor beaten brother he got lick for lick from his brothers and father. In fact his brothers are who killed him. There was only one part of his life he cherished and that was a slave girl he fell in love with from afar. When his brother found out they raped and killed her in front of him then took his life! It was so tragic! Ever since Val was changed he has been a very cold person!

Things start to change when he gets mistaken by Tabitha, the great vampire hunter, for a Daemon. Tabby stakes Val then realizes he’s s Dark Hunter. Too soon to daylight she’s forced to take him back to her house/sex shop and wait till he wakes up from his injuries! When he wakes and they are face to face tempers flare b/c Tabby is so laid back and Val…well…is NOT! Lol He’s totally stuck up in Tabbys eyes yet she cant help but be attracted to him. As time passes the issue of him being the family enemy gets in the way even though she starts falling. And let me tell you when the fam finds out…you know the term ‘shit hits the fan’ well its perfect for this situation! Lol

I love how strong Tabby is in this book! I don’t really look to connect to all my characters in my books, but I think we all know it helps a bit. With Tabby I felt it easy to like her and relate. She is such a ballsy character and not extremely girly BUT she’s kinda like a little Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Lol It was great! Tabby is a funny and passionate girl that kicks ass! ;o)

I love how when Tabby and Val met they butted heads so much yet had the hardest time staying away. Tabby had a hard time trying to loosen Val up but it made for cute reading that was light hearted and touching. Tabby finds out about Vals past oddly enough from Zarek! Z tried to keep Tabby from Val by showing all the bad parts of their childhood but Tabby wasn’t fazed one bit! I must say it was nice that every aspect of the story was completed! I would’ve hated knowing Zarek still had hatred towards Val. When Z showed up for the wedding my heart leapt with joy!

OH and one thing to touch on…Nick…omg! He had sex with Simi and that was a shock! Ash FREAKS and tells Nick to always stay away from him! Later on we find out that the Daemons kills Nicks mom and Nick kills himself to become a Dark Hunter!!! I flipped and totally didn’t see that one coming! Nick and Ash are ok by the end of the book. Im anxious to continue Nicks story!!!

One odd thing was after Tabby and Val married (btw she has his soul but hasn’t finished giving it back to him) Tabby finds herself unable to kill Val…so who does?!?! Kyrian! WTH?!?! By this point they are all on…ok trems once Kyrian finds out he was crucified just about the same way he was and by the same bloodline! Well anyways Kyr runs into his house and like gets him with a sword and it forces tabby to finish the job! Idk it kinda felt rushed hpw it was like oh the 3rd or so page till the end. Idk…just awkward!

Valerius was across the alley in microseconds as he saw a woman fall.
But then woman was back on her feet. She killed two more Daimons.
“Die Daimon snot!” The woman snarled at him an instant before she, too, stabbed him straight in the chest.
She pulled the dagger out instantly.
Valerius hissed and staggered back as pain ripped through his heart. He clutched at his chest, unable to think past the agony of it.
Tabitha bit her lip in terror as she saw the man recoil and not explode into dust.
“Oh, shit” she breathed, rushing to his side. Please tell me you’re some screwed up Dark-Hunter and that I didn’t just kill an accountant or lawyer.”
The man hit the street hard.
Tabitha rolled him over onto his back and checked his breathing. His eyes were partially opened, but he wasn’t speaking. He held his jaw clamped firmly shut as he groaned deep in his throat.
Terrified, she still wasn’t sure who she had mistakenly stabbed. Her heart hammering, she pulled up his turtleneck to see the nasty looking stab wound in the center of his chest.
And then she saw what she had hoped for...
He had a bow and arrow brand above his right hipbone.
“Oh thank God” she breathed as relief poured through her. He was in fact a Dark-Hunter and not some unfortunate human she’d stabbed.
She grabbed her phone and called Acheron to let him know one of his men had been hurt, but he didn’t answer.
So she started dialing her sister, Amanda until her common sense returned. There were only four Dark-Hunters in this city. Ash who led them. Janice whom she had met earlier. The former pirate captain, Jean-Luc and...
Valerius Magnus.
He was the only Dark-Hunter she didn’t know personally in New Orleans. And he was the mortal enemy of her brother-in-law.
She felt it deep inside.
“Something wicked this way comes...” she breathed the title of her favorite Ray Bradbury book.
And something inside told her it was far more evil than anything she had faced before.

Overall this was a great addition to the DH books and like I said I cant wait to read more about Nicky-poo! ;o)

I give this books a total of...


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Visions of Heat (Psy-Changelings, Book 2) - Nalini Singh

Used to cold silence, Faith NightStar is suddenly being tormented by dark visions of blood and murder. A bad sign for anyone, but worse for Faith, an F-Psy with the highly sought after ability to predict the future. Then the visions show her something even more dangerous-aching need...exquisite pleasure. But so powerful is her sight, so fragile the state of her mind, that the very emotions she yearns to embrace could be the end of her.

Changeling Vaughn D'Angelo can take either man or jaguar form, but it is his animal side that is overwhelmingly drawn to Faith. The jaguar's instinct is to claim this woman it finds so utterly fascinating and the man has no argument. But while Vaughn craves sensation and hungers to pleasure Faith in every way, desire is a danger that could snap the last threads of her sanity. And there are Psy who need Faith's sight for their own purposes.
They must keep her silenced-and keep her from Vaughn...

These books so far are just the greatest. Once again we are back in the world of the Changelings and the Psy. Psy are cold hearted and have no emotions. Changelings are very much the opposite. They feel every emotion like the true animals they are. Both are sworn enemies so when Vaughn the Changeling gets very curious about Faith the Psy things get difficult.

Faith is an F-Psy which means she predicts the future. You can only imagine how precious she is to her keepers. Faith grew up with even little touch than normal Psy. She has always lived alone out of the way of civilization. Vaughn ends up finding her sneaking out of her house and is immediately on HIGH ALERT thinking the worst. Vaughn follows Faith and when they are finally face to face he finds out Faith is seeking Sascha, the ex-Psy that escaped the clutches of her heritage that very same year. Turns out Faith is having visions of death and thinks she is loosing her mind. Vaughn is instantly protective of his Psy for some reason even he isn’t sure of. Noone will hurt her…but what happens when he finds out that even his touch is the one thing that her body can’t seem to handle?

Man I really enjoyed this story. One aspect that I really liked was the fact that its not that Faith didn’t WANT Vaughn to touch her (even though at first she didn’t) but it was the fact that he couldn’t b/c it was like sensory overload! She would black out! CRAZY! Vaughn was going crazy wanting to be with her but even more so when he figures out that his jaguar has mated with her. It was so sweet how he knew he had to ease into everything b/c he didn’t want to scare her off. If she didn’t accept his mating bond then he could never mate again. But things were so hard for Faith to understand the poor girl had barely even been touched as a baby let alone truly cared about. She lived on her own even as a child and the Psy just about let her visions rule her life. VERY sad.

I loved how Faith REALLY wanted to stay true to her people. She didn’t seek Sascha out to run away, no she sought her out to get her to fix herself. Faith knew that many F-Psy went crazy and she figured that with Saschas help she would be able to fix herself and remain with her people. THEN she met the dangerous Vaughn that awoke every emotion inside and outside of her body! Soon a few things were obvious…1- Why was Faith having the visions of a killer and how could they get them to stop and 2- Would the Psy let their number 1 source of income go as easily as they did Sascha? How could Faith stay with the Changelings?

I love how Vaughn was one of the most dangerous Changelings around yet Faith was able to tame him. They had such a great chemistry and no matter how hard Faith tried she couldn’t help but fall for the jaguar. Its always interesting to be in the Psy POV. Everything is through the eyes of a new born b/c its so different than the world they are used to. And when things start to get dirrrrty Faiths reactions are priceless! ;o)

Snib Bit~
'So I could be mated to someone who could choose not to be my mate?' A nightmare idea. Mating was a one-shot deal. The link usually involved a conscious decision at some point by the female, which made Vaughn and Faith's link very unusual. But no matter how it had come into being, once made, even death couldn't break it. No one mated twice. They might find a lover but the hole in them would never be fixed. Never. "I need to run."

But though he ran himself to exhaustion, his beast could find no comfort in an act that had always before meant freedom. Because he was chained, tied on the deepest level to a woman who just might destroy him.

This book was seriously the bee-knees and if you haven’t started this series yet you really should b/c I don’t see how I have lived without it! ;o)

I give this book a total of...


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By The Way...

Well hello lovely ladies! Its been a few days...I know...BUT Ive had good reason to be away. My VERY wonderful friend Ames came to visit me ! We shopped till we dropped! AND we also had a chance to stop by and watch NEW MOON! EPP! I REALLY liked it and felt there was a ton going on to totally keep my attention! Here are a few pix of our fun week together!

I live in Georgia and of course there are peaches EVERYWHERE!!! lol and to prove it here is our peach thats just chillin on the side of the road! lol Too cute right?!?!

What girl doesnt just love this store?!?! Yes COACH!! It was the outlet store so we were like kids in a candy store!

Heres Amy and I...pretty much getting lost while going to the mall. Even with a GPS I can get lost in a paper sack! lol But we did find this really cool neighborhood that everyone has planes! You even had to yield to the planes while on the streets! lol

Heres another pic of Amy and I in line waiting to see New Moon! We had a blast!

A group of us girls all went to eat Mexican and have margaritas then went to see a little Rob and Taylor! WOOWEE! ;o)

And lastly I just HAD to show off my New Moon shirt that I sported at the movies!

So ya you can tell we had a blast! I totally cried when I had to take her back to the airport! Im a wimp. But honestly it sucked to have to see my friend leave and hopefully she will be able to come back when Eclipse comes out! Loves ya Ames...see you soon! :o)

Next week business is back as usual so come soon for more book reviews! :o)


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Twi-Time Day 3

For today's post I wanted to chat about K Stewart and her fashion. I personally don't always agree with her clothes and makeup BUT I normally am fully supportive of her interesting outfits! I think she is very balls to the wall and doesn't give a shit...its great! She totally shows her versatile style from the red carpet to the streets of L.A.

Lets take a look shall we...

Lets start off simple...

Heres our girl K Stewart at the LA International one can deny that KS has an adorable figure and this outfit totally shows it off! I agree with her laid back outfit and Ive always been a fan of the leather jacket with the look for, not really but on our little rocker I think it agrees with her.

My only dont would have to be the Ive looked through KS's pix Id have to say her shoe choices are always her one downfall. For me Id either out a black flip flop...maybe strappy or black flat ballet shoes with it. Or white flats...idk these shoes are so old school...and NOT in a good way.

Alright...lets jump on over to the New Moon benefit in Knoxville, TN for a look at a more dressy KS. I SERIOUSLY enjoy tea length dresses and this particular one ROCKS MY SOCKS OFF! KS has such great legs that this type of dress really flatters her. Normally I would shy away from white on such a pale complected person BUT the fact that her hair is so dark...well lets just say it totally pops on her!

My one thing im unsure about is her hair. Im kinda on the fence about it. I think that it almost works b/c she is looking quite innocent with the sorta outfit and so the "half up w/ bang" seems to work BUT I almost wanna see it all up with bang. I feel it wouldve modernized the look more...made it more now and hip. Just a bit too safe in my eyes with the hair but overall a great look! :o)


Yes I know that obviously you cant see her outfit but I must comment on the makeup and hair!!! I am after all a girl...and quite a girly girl at that so when it comes to makeup and hair it is JUST as important.

Ok if I could choose ONE and only one stitch of makeup that I couldnt live would have to be mascara...preferably all eye makeup but mascara is so important when applying makeup! Let me tell you the one thing KS has going for her (and let me tell you she has many) is her eyes. They are the best "smoky" eyes Ive seen in a while. The way her eyes pop against her sequined top...omg girl give that makeup artist a raise!

Secondly I have to comment on her hair. I love her dark long locks and in this pic they are flowing freely across her lovely face! Dont you love how that one lock is touching right under her lips...*sigh I really love this pic!

Ok these next two pix are when you should and shouldnt use the "shirt-tie". In our first pic this shirt tie is totally rockin'. I too like to tie my shirts to the side and I must admit its due to seeing KS and thinking it looked totally cute! I think it looks perky and hip. I love the jeans and white t-shirt duo....YET the shoes (once again) just dont do it for me! UGH someone tell this girl to get different shoes!

Ok in this next pic...oh there are TOO MANY problems...I understand that shes playing Joan Jett...who doesnt love that woman and I KNOW it would be an honor to play that role BUT if they can put a short haired wig over Ashley Greenes hair they could do hers...she DIDNT have to cut it into a mullet! OMG...I WOULD DIE!

Secondly I have to talk about the shirt-tie. I personally think that this shirt is too big for it to work with. She has such a small frame an XL is just ridiculous! I actually agree with the shoes in this outfit but dont with the color of the pants...this pic just makes me want to shake me head...oh dear youve got better scene than this! This pic = trash! ...Sorry! :o/

This last outfit I really think is...workable. It just barely missed the mark.

Hair- Needs to be in a pony...FO SHO!

Suspenders- Need loosened b/c girl is getting a camel toe! lmao! But dont get me wrong b/c I actually love the suspenders esp with the gun shirt.

SHOES- Would someone put a damn pair of black pumps on this girl!?!?! UGH! The shoes shes wearing are like old people correcting shoes or something. Black pumps would ROCK!

Ok so what do yall think about K Stewarts style?!?!? Daring...or disastrous?!?!


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Twi-Time Day 2


Ok guys obviously we've all wondered whats REALLY going on on the set of New Moon...and while we can all just listen to the celebrity gossip columns and look at all their yummy pictures...*sigh its never enough and we shall never know the real truth. So lets speculate shall we?!?!

How great is it to see a couple together that actually PLAYS a as I think about the whole Rob and Kristen jig I just get all excited.

Here is the infamous "hold hands" photo. I have to say it doesnt really look affectionate. It looks more like to me that hes more of leading the way...idk...I REALLY hope they are truly together just b/c I mean hey they are on film so why not in real life ya know?!? Do yall like them as a couple?!?

Id say if they really are together that they would make the perfect odd little couple. You must admit that both are totally...well different. They arnte all shiny and spoofed up for the sake of Hollywood! :o) During the filming of Twilight it was rumored that they were dating but they denied everything...later on its been told that Rob and Kristen kept it a secret b/c the age difference...what do yall think??? ( K Stewarts outfit in this shoot)

Now THIS is REALLY a couple that I truly hope is a real one. Two of my fav little people in the world! Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner. Now THEY would be Americas Sweethearts!!! I truly love them both to the ends of this earth. Both are just to wholesome and real for you not to love.

I read interviews and both are basically saying "no comment" to the situation but I cant do anything but hope this is true!

Have yall seen the kissing pic for the new movie...yowza...

So what romance is getting you going within the Twilight community?!? Who hot and whos not???


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