Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Guest Review - Led Astray By A Rake - Sara Bennett - Book Binge


The hunt is on for the perfect husband . . .
Beneath Livy Monteith's icy blonde exterior beats a passionate heart, a heart that will not abide by society's rules. No, Livy will simply not marry the proper young man her parents have chosen for her husband. She'd rather die! But even her friends at Miss Debenham's Finishing School are shocked by the man she desires. Lord Dominic Lacey, the man they call Wicked Nic, is quite handsome, even more notorious, and every bit a scoundrel.
Nic thinks he knows all about Livy. She's a proper young lady from an upstanding family, the kind of woman any respectable man would be thrilled to take as his bride—but Nic is not a respectable man. For Livy, even being seen with him would lead to certain scandal. So why is the ravishing innocent doing everything in her power to seduce him? Bedding her would be a delight. But a sinful night with a man like Nic would lead a girl very far astray indeed . . .

I was lucky enough to get asked by Wena over at Book Binge (one of my FAV blogs btw) to do a guest review! So go on over there ladies and let them know what you think.

I want to thank Wena and all the girls at Book Binge for letting me in on all the fun! Anytime yall want a review I'm your gal! ;o)