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Hunting Ground (Alpha & Omega, Book 2) - Patricia Briggs

Blurb~ Mated to werewolf Charles Cornick, the son-and enforcer-of the leader of the North American werewolves, Anna Latham now knows how dangerous being a werewolf is, especially when a werewolf who opposes Charles and his father is struck down. Charles's reputation makes him the prime suspect, and the penalty for the crime is execution. Now Anna and Charles must combine their talents to hunt down the real killer-or Charles will take the fall.

Ok...yes I am alive...but only barely! lol Ive had SUCH a busy few weeks let me tell you...most importantly my mom came to visit! =) Shes moving to Alaska this week so I was happy to get to spend quality time with her!

Ok so ya back to the program...

WE pick right up after Anna and Charles have mated and married! They are still getting used to each other but things are going pretty good! Bran is still pushing for the weres to come out in the open but not everyone is gung-ho! Soooooo...they are having this huge meeting in which all the head honchos are to attend. Things start going wrong when people start coming up either dead or attacked! Charles is uber protective of his Anna...even more so when SHE almost gets taken by a group of vamps! Whos doing all the killing? And why are the vamps involved in were business? Most importantly why are fingers starting to point to Charles???

This book was great! It was action packed! I really didnt expect all the things that went on with the vamps being involved and such! A witch fae is also involved and let me tell you she gets hers! ;) Theres tons of fighting, biting, and hunting going on in this book! Oh did I mention King Author is in this one??? LOL! Ya you just have to read it to know what Im talking about! ;)

I really felt like in this book Charles and Anna start to become more of a normal couple! I love how protective of Anna he is and also the other way around. At a few points Anna feels either a fae or just a female in general show interest in Charles and she lets them know whats up! Charles of course LOVES the attention b/c it shows how much shes growing in their relationship.

I love Anna! Shes been through so much and yet perseveres through it every time! She really starting to come into her own skin with being an Omega and even meets another of her kind!!! There was so much character development in this book that it totally leave you wanting more more more!

I cant wait to see how the "coming out" will end up working! I felt the meeting didnt get much of anywhere b/c of all the killings and kidnapping so Im sure we still have a few books to go!

“Your wife called me last night.” Bran’s voice was gruff.

“Ah.” He hadn’t known that. Anna must have done it while he’d been out trying to outrun his frustrations.

“She told me I wasn’t hearing what you were saying,” Da said. “I told her that I heard you tell me quite clearly that I was an idiot for going to Seattle to meet with the European delegation — as did most of the rest of the pack.”

Tactful, that’s me, thought Charles, who decided sipping his cocoa was better than opening his mouth.
“And I asked him if you were in the habit of arguing with him without a good reason,” said Anna breezily as she slipped by his father and brushed against Charles. She was wearing his favorite brown sweater. On her it hung halfway down her thighs and buried her shape in cocoa-colored wool. Brother Wolf liked it when she wore his clothes.
She should have looked like a refugee, but somehow she didn’t. The color turned her skin to porcelain and brought out rich highlights in her light brown hair. It also emphasized her freckles — which he adored. She hopped up on the counter and purred happily as she snagged the cocoa he’d made for her.
“And then she hung up,” said his father in disgruntled tones.
“Mmm,” said Anna. Charles couldn’t tell if she was responding to the hot chocolate or his father.

“And she refused to pick up the phone when I called back.”
His father wasn’t pleased.
Not so comfortable having someone around who doesn’t instantly obey you, old man? Charles thought — just as his father met his eye. Bran’s sudden laugh told Charles that his da wasn’t really upset.
“Frustrating,” Charles ventured.
“He yelled at me,” Anna said serenely, tapping her forehead. The Marrok could speak to any of his wolves mind to mind, though he couldn’t read their thoughts no matter how much it felt like that was what he was doing. He was just damnably good at reading people.
“I ignored him, and he went away eventually.”

“No fun fighting someone who doesn’t fight back,” Charles said.

HA! lol I love how feisty shes getting! Ok go get this book if you havent! Ms. Briggs is the BOMB at everything she writes! ;)

I give this book a total of...



Cecile said...

Yes you are sooo right, Ms Briggs is the freaking A BOMB when it comes to this story!!! I started with this story (and I am slowly collecting Mercy's story) and plowed right through it!!! I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS SERIES... AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE CHARLES!!!!!
And I love when Anna meets other of her "kind." Let's her know that she is not alone in this. And the race, is that unbelievable or what!!!!
OMG... this is by far one of my favorite series.. can you tell!!
Hugs to you honey!!!
Missed you!

April 28, 2010 at 8:18 PM
Monroe Dawson said...

Yes I can! Lol everything Briggs writes is pure gold girl! The Mercy Thompson series is in my top 3 fav series I follow! Oh and I too totally adore Charles! I love how alpha he is lol and oh so sexy! *kisses!

April 28, 2010 at 8:23 PM
Mandi said...

I love how Briggs weaved in the King Arthur stuff :)

She is such an awesome writer! I love the dynamics of their relationship..

Can't wait for more from this series!

April 29, 2010 at 4:14 AM
Monroe Dawson said...

Me too girl! This series rocks I can't wait to continue it!

April 29, 2010 at 5:06 AM
VampFanGirl said...

I love how the romance element is so much stronger in this series than Mercy's. Not that I don't love the Mercy series, but the romance seems to just take more of a center stage with this series.

Great review Monroe!

Hugs, VFG

April 29, 2010 at 3:18 PM
Monroe Dawson said...

You're totally right! It is stronger in this series which is nice b/c afterall we are all romance lovers! Lol I loved watching Charles and Anna grow in this book!

You know I wanna see Mercy visit them! Lol

Kisses ;)

April 29, 2010 at 3:48 PM
Leslie said...

It took me a little bit to warm up to Anna & Charles but after Hunting Ground I'm a total fan. Loved the review!

April 29, 2010 at 7:14 PM
Monroe Dawson said...

Yes girl this book made me fall for them so much more than in Cry Wolf! Can't wait for the third book! =)

April 29, 2010 at 7:19 PM