Monday, March 29, 2010

Almost Heaven - Judith McNaught

The Countess of Havenhurst possessed a rare gentleness and fierce courage to match her exquisite beauty. But her reputation is shattered when she is discovered in the arms of Ian Thornton, a notorious gambler and social outcast.

A dangerously handsome man of secret wealth and mysterious lineage, his voyage to Elizabeth's heart is fraught with intrigue, scandal, and a venomous revenge.

Destined for each other, yet wary of each other's motives, Elizabeth and Ian engage in a dance of suspicion and passion that tests the very soul of their star-crossed love. As a twisting path of secrets takes them from London's drawing rooms to the mysterious Scottish Highlands, Elizabeth must learn the truth: is Ian merely a ruthless fortune hunter at heart?

WHAT A BOOK! Ian meets the sweet and innocent Elizabeth Cameron at her first time coming into court. Elizabeth needs to find a husband to help save her very much in debt family…Ian needs to seduce Elizabeth at first site. But later, at a weekend getaway, when the two fall into each others arms they get more than they bargained for…love. Ian doesn’t know what hit him and Elizabeth…well how is she going to explain to her FIANCE that she’s just been found in the arms of another man?!?! After broken engagement…a few broken hearts…and years later they are faced once again by some extreme odds. Will that flame spark between the two again…or will the hatred of two broken hearts keep them apart?

Ok this was a GREAT book so Im gonna give a small run through without TOTALLY giving things away so it makes you wanna read it! ;op~

So lets begin by talking about why Elizabeth is forced into marriage a few times in this book. B/c really it is the root of the problems that arise…first off her parents are dead. BUT of course they left behind all sorts of gambling debts. So Elizabeth’s half brother Roberts try’s to talk her into marrying to save the household. Elizabeth is extremely beautiful so it shouldn’t be a hard task…in fact she had about 15 offers within only a few short week! But once she goes to a weekend at a questionable womans house she meets Ian and things fly right out the door. Of course she tries to keep her head on straight but when Ian pushes and pushes she falls under his spell. I love how innocent Elizabeth is in this book. At one point (way later) she talks about how babies are made…you lay in bed and kiss! Lol LOVE IT! Ok anyways like I said before they get caught together and Elizabeth is ruined…looses her fiancé (that Ian didn’t know about) and goes back home broken hearted. But so does Ian! He confessed his love to her! Which was quick but very strong.

Did I mention there’s a duel??? Oh yes a duel!! Its between Robert and Ian!!! I wont tell you how that plays out but its pretty amusing! ;op

Ok years later a still ruined Elizabeth is alone…her brother has abandoned her and now her uncle is forcing her to marry. He calls upon all her old callers and Ian gets thrown into the mix once again! Basically her uncle is trying to now sell her to the highest bidder and Elizabeth constructs a plan with an old friend (Alexandra from Something Wonderful) to sabotage all her callers! When she finally gets to Ian hes furious and hates the bare site of her. But under that hot gaze of his she starts to feel the spark that once lit her on fire!

They go through the mating dance (man I read too many paranormals lol) and start back on the track of getting Elizabeth back into society etc…BUT when a unsuspecting Robert shows back up one step away from his death bed Elizabeth is forced once again to make a decision that will rock everyones world…can she trust Roberts word when he says Ian is the root of all his misfortunes…or is Robert trying to get even?!?!

Torn between family and love…this book was a gem! I loved every step I took with Elizabeth! She has so many trust issues in this book you would think it would drive you insane but it doesn’t! This girl goes from innocent to knowledge in less than 300 pages! I love in JM’s books that the characters ALWAY grows so much! Both Ian and Elizabeth learn lessons…I laughed (a lot) I cried (ok I got teary) and I got HOT HOT HOT! ;o)

GO GET IT!!! You will be glad you did! ;o)

I give this book a total of...

***Additional note***
lol ok ok THIS is the new cover...I dont want ANYONE passing this book up! ;o)



Cecile said...

okay, I will be the first to say that I would have otherwise judged a book by its cover and I never would have picked up this book... now I am writing the damn title and author down - thanks your mad pimpin skills... you are a wicked evil woman... who I secretly love, lol!!!

Thanks for the heads up honey!
Hope you have a great day!

March 29, 2010 at 7:20 AM
Monroe Dawson said...

Ya I always put the cover of the book I got...this is the copy I have which is the older cover. The newer ones are better though! ;o)

This book was really good! I KNOW youd love it sugar! You also need to read Almost Heaven by the same author! Me...wicked and evil..ok ok I am! ;o) but you love me and my wicked ways! lol

Have a great week darlin!

March 29, 2010 at 7:28 AM
Fiction Vixen said...

Oh nice review! I too would have passed this up based on the cover though. :)

March 29, 2010 at 8:16 AM
Monroe Dawson said...

LOL!!! Ok I posted the NEW cover for yall! ;o) I dont want ANYONE passing this book up BUT I know what yall mean...if we pick some books up based on the cover that means we can also put them down for the same reason!

March 29, 2010 at 8:24 AM
Cecile said...

Girl you are too funny... I still would have passed it up. I admit - shamelessly - that I am a cover hussy. If it does come by a recommendation, then I would most likely have passed it up.

And yes, I love ya and your evil, wicked ways!!!!!

March 29, 2010 at 8:31 AM
Patti said...

That's funny what was popular for covers then and now! This does sound like a good story.

March 29, 2010 at 8:39 AM
Monroe Dawson said...

Ya the new cover is lacking some...BUT a step up from the older one! Dont MAKE me buy you this book Cecile! lol

Isnt it?!?! That would make for a good discussion though! Old covers compared to newer LOVE older covers mainly b/c I love the older look! Esp in my historicals! ;o)

March 29, 2010 at 8:43 AM
VampFanGirl said...

I love this book and have read it about five times.

Judith McNaught broke my romance cherry and I'll forever be grateful that I was introduced to the genre but a true master. Don't stop with ALMOST HEAVEN. You've got to read her entire backlist. No Joke.

:) VFG

March 29, 2010 at 7:20 PM
Monroe Dawson said...

JM broke your romance cherry? Jeez what a author to do so! I love JM...she's uber romantic and I can't wait to continue with het books!

March 29, 2010 at 7:26 PM