Monday, December 7, 2009

Daughter of the Blood (Black Jewels, Book 1) - Anne Bishop

Within the Blood (a race of magic-users), women rule and men serve, but tradition has been corrupted so that women enslave men, who seek to destroy their oppressors. Female children are violated before they can reach maturity; men are tortured and forced to satisfy witches' sexual appetites. Jaenelle, is destined to rule the Blood, if she can reach adulthood. Her power is hidden; her family believes her mad. Saetan, High Lord of Hell and most powerful of the Blood males, becomes Jaenelle's surrogate father and teacher. He cannot protect her outside Hell, where he rules. She refuses to leave Terreille, risking herself to protect or heal other victims of violence. Can Daemon, Saetan's estranged son, keep her safe from the machinations of the evil High Priestess? Or will he lose his battle to control his destructive urges and endanger her?

Ok this is my first REAL Fantasy book Ive ever read and I have to say that it wasn’t an easy task at first to really grasp the story line.

Janelle is supposed to be the savior of the race (the Blood) that is controlled solely by women. The women in this world dominate with sex and control the men with (basically) energized cock-shock rings! (Sorry didn’t mean to sound so vulgar but that’s kinda what they are ;o) Janelle is being tutored with her magic by Saetan, the Lord of Hell. Saetan cares for Janelle vbery much…but where those feelings may lead idk. Im a little thrown off by his feelings for her b/c they seem to teeter between fatherly and male possessiveness. Saetan has proven a few times within this book where his loyalties lie, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to peruse more.

This would be a bit of a drama to deal with being his SON Daemon is absorbed with Janelle. He knows shes too young to be with him but in the mean time will do anything and everything to keep her safe. Daemon is pretty much a male whore that’s sole purpose is to pleasure and possibly impregnate the women of his kind. He always felt he had a larger purpose in life and he now knows her name is Janelle! :o) D is sent to watch over her family as a servant so this serves as a perfect situation to watch over her.

All seems to be ok on the outside but there is a darker being wanting to make sure Janelle doesn’t come into power as Witch. This is why it’s important to keep Janelle pure and innocent, yet powerful for as long as possible. But Janelle’s home life doesn’t support those ideas. They seem to think Janelle is mad and sends her to a psychiatric facility that doubles as a place where children are raped and abused…to be “broken”.

Can Janelle, only a small child, fight back against whats pulling her under? And can she truly trust the people around her to help???

Ok like I said I was a bit confused by this new world at first. I was a bunch of back and forth for the first quarter of the book and I didn’t feel connected like I normally do. BUT once Daemon and Janelle found each other things started to fall into place. I soon got hooked on this imaginary yet very dark world that Bishop has written about.

This was a great first book to a trilogy and I cant wait to continue with growing with Janelle and her powers. My heart goes out to Daemon and his somewhat unfeeling heart. Hes had a rough life but now has his heart desire right in front of him! Like I said I’m not really sure of Saetans intentions and if they are pure or not…after all he is the Lord of Hell! lol

Im truly glad I stuck with this book and have to thank my Ames fro placing this jewel into my hands! ;o)

I give this book a total of...



Mandi said...

You know, I almost gave up on this book about 100 pages in, and then like you, all of a sudden I fell hard for this book. It is amazing! Nice review!

December 8, 2009 at 6:07 AM
Monroe Dawson said...

Ya at first I was a bit frustrated like youd meet so many different people and would be SO LOST but then they met and BAM everything fell into place! I cant wait to continue the story!!!

December 8, 2009 at 6:59 AM
Tracy said...

Oh this is one of my all time favorite trilogy's!!! I LOVE it. Yes, it's dark at times but written so very well. The third book had me crying several times. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

December 9, 2009 at 2:37 PM
Monroe Dawson said...

Ya Ive heard that the 3rd book will bring me to tears! I cant wait! lol

December 9, 2009 at 3:38 PM